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Wrap-up from Capital Punishment

Posted: 23/3/2011

The first Capital Punishment was held last year. I loved the concept: to link all of Canberra's fantastic mountain bike parks into one long race. I had a prior commitment to ride the Middy Smiddy in south east Queensland which was fantastic but I was keen to take part this year.

Fortunately this year the weather was kinder (last year the horrific wet weather made it a very challenging, wet and muddy course) with some overcast skies and light showers, a great relief to the AROC organisers.

My fitness is not yet 100 per cent so I opted for the shorter 50km option. The race started close to home so I rode to the start, choosing a later departure wave so I could get there without putting the lights on.

The route for the 50km started at the Campbell offices, through the Majura Pines MTB Park, across the north end of Canberra before hitting a fire trail on the side of Black Mountain. From there I rode past the new arboretum before doing a lap of Mt Stromlo MTB Park.

The ride was great fun. Some nice single track and a few new areas for me on Black Mountain. Officially my time was 2:56.48 which was just on the average time for the race.

Maybe next year I'll do the 100km course.

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