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Up Up and away

Posted: 31/8/2008

Well it is time. All the hard work is basically done and it is time to head over and see what I am made of.

There is certainly some sadness leaving my family behind as we had a great 2nd birthday for Matilda yesterday. But it is only a couple of weeks and I will be back.

It is really hard to know how ready I am. Training has been ok for the last few weeks but there have been so many physical adaptations since I rode my best time in April. I am confident that I will be better through the 2nd half of my main event the Pursuit but the start may be a bit slower. I am still hopeful of setting a new PB time so I will be happy if I achieve that goal.

I am looking forward to seeing some athletes from different sports in the Australian team as well as some other athletes I know from the winter sports world who will be in Beijing.

I am also looking forward to the whole games atmosphere. It is dissapointing that I won't be at the ceremony so will miss some of this but I know from past experiences that the atmosphere created by the event washes over you in waves.

Well it is time to get some final packing and organising done and make sure I have all the right pieces of uniform.

The next entry will be from Beijing in a couple of days.


3 Comments Posted

Sue from Toowoomba | Monday, 1 September 2008 2:25:54 PM
We have watched your enthusiasm and determination, now follow your success at Beijing
Vic Plant | Monday, 1 September 2008 4:16:40 PM
We are all watching for you here in Queensland. After an incredible journey, you've made it to Beijing. We are all so proud of your achievements, Michael. You've worked so hard to reach this point - Enjoy the experience!
Bec Cleary (Sullivan) | Monday, 1 September 2008 9:59:29 PM
Hi Michael we are so looking forward to watching you from KL Malaysia - what an amazing experience it will be for you. Best wishes and hugs to you.