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The hard work continues

Posted: 15/8/2008

Well my week has been steadily improving. The heart issue that happened last sunday has not been repeated. My knee that flared up again on Wednesday is also settling down. Penni and Matilda are here to keep me sane.

I am still keeping an eye on the heart issue but I have done some hard training and haven't had it happen again. I will continue to monitor it but it could just be a once off occurence.

My knee tendonitis flared up again this week. I was starting to come off some of the treatments and this is the only real reason we can work out that may have caused it. I am currently on a triple treatment for it. Anti inflammatories, Anti biotics and green tea. I am not quite sure how this cocktail works but the AIS doctors have some sort of theory about it. It seems like it was working but when I finished it after 2 weeks my knee went backwards again. I have to say I am not a big fan of green tea but there are some different flavours out there. I have been mixing it up between citrus and vanilla lately.

It is really nice to have Penni and Matilda here in Perth. I think they are helping keep me positive especially after all the setbacks this week. I am not allowed to stay with them but they are only staying 5 doors down the road. I got to say goodnight to Matilda last night so that was nice.

It is a busy day againg today with Physio on my knee at 8:30, track training fron 10 till about 2:30. More Physio at 3pm and then training on the rollers from about 4:30, then it is dinner and bed.

There hasn't really been much of a chance to watch much of the Olympics. I did see the road cycling and am keen to see lots of the track cyccling. Other stuff hasn't really caught my attention this year. Probably a good thing as it has the potential to be a big distraction from training.

That's all for today. have a nice weekend.


3 Comments Posted

Dianne Fraser | Friday, 15 August 2008 2:11:34 PM
Hi Michael, Penni and Matilda,
What a week! We are watching your story with interest and really hope that all the preparation and hard work pays off for you. Here is to smooth sailing from now on.
All the best from the Fraser and Mapstone crew in Busselton!
Vic Plant | Friday, 15 August 2008 4:17:06 PM
Hi Michael, Penni and Matilda,
Good to hear things are improving again and that you are able to see more of each other at the moment.
I look forward to reading more of your blog soon!

Tracey Paris | Sunday, 17 August 2008 1:52:23 PM
How lucky you are to have your family so close to you It must be so nice to be able to just get a hug off them when you are feeling a bit low. Thank god Jayme has temmates like Hoppy (her surrogate big brother) to look after her it makes us feel so much better knowing he is there to look after the youngest team member and give her a hug when we can't