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My crazy life

Posted: 13/11/2008

Well with the Mark Webber Challenge starting next week I can't justify being slack with the blog any longer.

My preparation for the event has not been ideal. Another stupid accident left me with a rib injury. This is the second injury in a row that has been a bit comical, after hurting my knee early August when kneeling down to show my daughter how to bark like a dog. This time I was testing a new pedal on a mountain bike in my backyard. I got my foot stuck in the pedal, fell off and landed on my father-in-law's knee.

The injury is now three weeks old but I've not been able to run which has compromised my preparation. Combined that with trying to build a new garage and prepare for the new baby and life has been busy and tough.

There is some good news though as I get a bit of a break from training for a while after this event. There has also been quite a bit of speaking work going on and some great feedback and reviews from many of the functions I have spoken at.

So you can expect some more news here from Tasmania, probably talking about the great food as much as the racing down there.

Some of it may be relayed through Penni as I am not sure what sort of internet access I will have. I am sure you will notice the quality of the writing improve.


1 Comment Posted

Liz Swanton | Thursday, 13 November 2008 6:46:57 PM
Sorry to hear the prep has been tricky. No more dog tricks! Hope all goes well in Tassie and you have fun doing it. Good luck.

Liz Swanton and Mike Breen