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Milto's TOP SEVEN Ski Gear Essentials

Posted: 16/7/2015

  1. GOOD BOOTS. You MUST have boots that fit really well. Boots are the most important item and the hardest to replace. If you're flying, take them as carry-on. My favourite is a custom foam Sidas Saloman (try Last Run in Jindabyne for boots and expert fitting).
  2. DOWN JACKET. I have been known to wear my down insulated jacket from Mont Adventure Equipment skiing when it's really cold. I always wear it to warm up afterward and for venturing out at night.
  3. HELMET. This could save your life. After years of ski racing, I feel naked without my Uvex helmet plus it keeps my head warm and I can shove my phone up inside it for impromptu hands-free chats. Wear one, even if you're just out skiing for fun and make your kids wear them too.
  4. SIX PAIRS OF SKIS! I need to be prepared for all conditions. I have long straight skis for going fast, short short curvy ones and a couple of big fat powder skis in case the snow is nice and deep.
  5. ZIP LOCK BAG for the mobile phone. Put your phone inside it. You can still use it, talk and hear and, when you accidentally drop it in the snow, it won't get wet. Phones are a good safety measure in the mountains and these days you can use all sorts of apps to track your day, locate runs, even find your friends.
  6. BIKE. I don't go anywhere without my bike. If the weather turns nasty, I can head down the mountain and go for a ride.
  7. FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE CAR. I lllooovvveee my Kluger. Goes anywhere, has heaps of space for all my gear and it's perfect for back-country skiing. But, most important, you don't need chains. I have spent many winters lying in the mud and snow under a car putting chains on with freezing cold hands (you can't put chains on wearing gloves) so later this morning I will drive past those chain bays on the way up to Thredbo and cheer from the warmth and comfort of my Kluger!

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