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Canberra talent features in international film festival

Posted: 14/6/2018

From AMTL Events:

The international Trails in Motion Film Festival- showing in Canberra on 18 and 19 June - has a distinct Canberra flavor; one of the films not only features our very own Michael Milton competing in an event owned by a Canberra-based adventure company, but it was also made by local producer-director duo Adrian Muscat and Tina Costessi.

Best Foot Forward is the story of Milton's attempt to complete his first ever ultra-marathon, the 50km long Ultra-Trail Australia (UTA) race in the Blue Mountains. Watch the trailer.

UTA attracts thousands of runners from all over the world every year. It was started 11 years ago by Tom Landon-Smith and Alina McMaster from AROC Sport (now AMTL Events).  The pair are former competitive cross-country skiers which is how they know Milton, a champion Paralympic skier. Now their young children go to the same school.

"We've known Milto for years and followed his career on snow and off. We all catch up at school drop-off and chat about what we're up to. When he mentioned he'd like to have a go at the 50km UTA ultra-marathon, we were immediately on board. It was a no brainer. To have him at our event was a huge win for us but to witness his preparation and then the attempt was a great privilege. He is one stubborn bastard," said Landon-Smith.

The idea to shoot a film about the attempt was Milton's and he set about finding a film crew. Enter Adrian Muscat and Tina Costessi from Red Gadget Films, budding film makers and regular entrants in Lights! Canberra! Action! and the Canberra Film Festival.

"We were in from the first phone call," explained Muscat. "I made the decision early on to run with Michael and film everything which meant I had to train as well because you can't just turn up on the day and run 50km carrying a camera.

"Over the months leading up to the event and on numerous training runs, we became friends and running buddies. The actual event was one of the best experiences of my life, running with and filming my friend as he ran 50km on crutches., said Muscat.

Best Foot Forward  is one of eight films to be screened as part of the Trails in Motion Film Festival which has already been screened in venues across Europe, the US, Canada and Africa. Canberra will have its turn on Monday 18 June and Tuesday 19 June  at the Palace Electric cinema in New Acton.  Tickets can be purchased online at Milton will attend both screenings and happily answer questions afterward.

The last word belongs to Milton who is thrilled with the final product:

"Making a film like this is not easy. It's time-consuming and demanding but Adrian and Tina did an amazing job. Canberra has a lot of talent, a lot of entrepreneurial drive. You can get anything done here and I love that!

"The festival is not just for runners. There is some amazing scenery in some awesome locations as well as eight incredible stories. They're kid-friendly and packed with adventure and emotion."

For more information or to arrange an interview:

Alina McMaster, AMTL Events; 0401 564 462

Michael Milton, One More 0412 155 150

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