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A Bit Bored in Beijing

Posted: 9/9/2011

What is the deal with me being organised? I normally have stuff all over the place and am always in a hurry hours out from an important race. Maybe I'm just more efficient these days but if that also means being bored, I don't want it!

Here I sit, 90 minutes before I have to get on the bus to the race and I have everything packed, chain lubed, bike ready, bottles and food prepared etc. So what do I do now? Write a blog post to keep myself busy.

I remember writing something in my last post about not being that nervous and not having too many expectations. It was what I was thinking at the time but now I think I was kidding myself. I woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up, went for a walk/jog with a couple of sprints, got my stuff together and then had the haircut that I hadn't got around to. Too much time, too much thinking.

You'd think that, after all the pressure situations I've been in I would be much better at it. Perhaps my nerves today are a product of uncertainty. I've worked hard to find out as much as I can but I don't really know how this triathlon caper works at this level and there are few people to ask. I just have to experience it. Today's race will hopefully give me that experience that will help me build a more complete race at the World Champs next year.

So here I am surfing the internet wasting time and hoping that the afternoon will go well.

Wish me luck.

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