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MICHAEL'S wife Penni is tired of throwing out perfectly good left shoes!

"It hurts to put brand new shoes in the rubbish," said Penni, who is saving all Michael's left shoes in the hope of one day finding a left-legged man with a size 12 foot who prefers crutches over a prosthetic.

"One year when we were in Europe Michael had three pairs of brand new ski boots from his boot sponsor. In the end, I just had to put them in a bin by the side of the road. It's just not right."

However, despite numerous emails Penni hasn't been able to find a 'shoe-sharer'.

"I've tried various charities and amputee organisations, campaigners for landmine victims. There must be someone out there who could use Michael's left shoes... it would be great if he were a skier and a cyclist as well."

If you have any ideas, please drop Penni an email at

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