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FOUR months after an accident at his NSW south coast home left him with a spinal injury, Michael's dad John is still in the spinal unit at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

The long-term outcome is incomplete quadraplegia but John should be able to walk short distances with some support. He can already manage some basic but vital tasks like feeding himself, cleaning his teeth and driving a manual wheelchair.

"Dad is doing pretty well, although it's all a bit up and down. He's already regained some mobility which I feared might not happen so the whole family is pleased with his progress," said Michael.

John will soon be moved from the hospital to a specialised rehabilitation centre which is the final step before returning home although we're not sure how long that last phase will last.

"With some changes to the house he should manage in a wheelchair. We are in the process of removing the carpets and installing hard floors.

"I must thank everyone who has visited dad since the accident. Visits from friends and family are the highlights of his day and anyone who knows him will understand that socialising is a big part of who my dad is.

"As soon as word got out about his accident, people he'd known over the years made contact and continue to stay in touch. I have no doubt that has helped his recovery," said Michael.

You can keep up to date with John's progress via his blog.

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