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A few months shy of the second anniversary of Michael's cancer diagnosis and there is no sign of the disease returning. Michael still has scans every six months to check for cancer lesions and his last scan in February was clear. There are no guarantees the cancer won't return which, Michael admits, makes him a bit paranoid.

"I think that's a product of having cancer twice. I'm definitely more circumspect this time around. Oesophageal cancer doesn't have any blood markers either and the scans aren't conclusive so I try to listen to my body," explained Michael.

He feels he is still recovering from the September 2007 surgery that removed his oesophagus and much of his stomach.

"I am still experimenting with food and eating patterns to see what helps and what hinders. My digestive system is so abnormal now and there's a lot of down-time most days," said Michael.

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