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Last cancer update... hopefully forever

TUESDAY 27 MAY 2008: This will be the last update on this cancer page. From now on information about my ongoing recovery etc will appear on the 'latest news' page.

I guess in many ways I am now beginning to think of this whole awful process as being over. There are still some lasting health issues, some of which will be with me for the rest of my life: living with one-third of my stomach, coping with cancer paranoia, aversions to certain foods.

Round two is basically over which is a positive thing. I still go for check-ups every six months (gastroscopy and CT scan) and will do for some time. I hold my breath each time and wonder if I'll ever be free from worry. Last month's (April) scans were all clear.

It's still not easy to talk about the whole experience but I know people are interested. Still, they can wait until the book comes out!

Thank you so much to all those people who helped me and my family through this difficult time. It's been a rough journey but I am so glad to be feeling better.