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Sunday 31 March 2008, Adelaide: Time is running out for skier-turned-cyclist Michael Milton as he struggles to find any improvement at the first of three qualifying events for the 2008 Paralympic cycling team.

Battling poor health in the lead-up to the trial camp at Adelaide's Superdrome, Milton had two chances on the weekend to post a qualifying time. His best effort over the 3000m Pursuit was 4:13.5, more than 12 seconds slower than the time he needs to make the team.

'I had bronchitis in the two weeks before the trials and that really knocked my health around. I hardly trained at all in the lead-up and it showed in my times. My preparation was terrible and I didn't feel strong,' said a disappointed Milton.

He is also just six months out from major surgery to remove a cancerous tumour, along with his entire oesophagus and most of his stomach.

'I guess I'm asking a lot of my body after being treated for cancer last year. I don't expect to be back to full fitness until July but my chances to make the team end on 24 May so I don't really have a choice,' explained Milton.

He has two more chances to record a time that meets the team selection criteria - on 20-22 April in Sydney and again in Adelaide on 24 May.

'The good news is that only five cyclists have run qualifying times so far and there are eight spots available on the team. I may not have to actually record a 4:01.50 time to make it but that's my goal,' Milton said.

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