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Bad times, good times

(From wife Penni)

TUESDAY 11 MARCH 2008: I am writing this update because Michael is training this morning. He will be on the track for a couple of hours from 7am plus warm up and cool down and, no doubt, some strategising with John his coach.

It's been five months since Michael's surgery and his recovery continues. I think we both expected things to have settled more by now. Once his surgery was over and the prognosis was good, I expected gradual improvement. I knew it would take time for him to recover and adapt but, as long as I could see him getting a little better each day, or even week, I would be happy.

But it doesn't really work like that. He has bad days, really bad days, even really bad weeks where he has so little energy and is so unwell. Many foods make him sick and even the mere act of eating can upset his stomach. He still chokes on some foods that get stuck where the surgeons joined his stomach to his throat.

The worst of it is it's all so unpredictable and that's awfully frustrating for Michael, especially as he only has about seven weeks left to qaulify for Beijing. He simply can't afford three days in bed at the moment.

We have to remind ourselves what his body has been through and the amazing recovery he's made so far. If only his goals weren't so lofty!

Australian Story went to air last night and we watched it alone at home. We were both in tears at the end but not as emotional as we both feared we would be. I reason we've cried enough for now.

Michael has more scans next month and I will hold my breath a little until I hear the good news.