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When Michael was diagnosed with cancer, he received hundreds of emails, phone calls and letters from friends in Australia and all over the world. But most surprising were the messages he received from people he didn't even know or whom he had only briefly met.

Candles were lit at churches, prayers were said in temples... he seemed to be in the thoughts of people everywhere. Wife Penni passed on news of the messages to Michael but, at the time, it was just too difficult for him to read them. Now he is slowly getting through them and is so moved by the amount of support he received.

The following email from Phil Coe is typical of the response to Michael's diagnosis:

I am writing to simply wish you all the best in your current battle with cancer - I have every faith in your statement that you can beat it again.

My name is Phil Coe. I am a teacher from Canberra but currently am teaching in London. I met you very briefly last year at MacKillop Catholic College in Tuggeranong, where I was then teaching, when you spoke to the kids about skiing and your life.

Very few speakers are able to keep the kids absolutely enthralled like you did and it not only provided inspiration for the students (and teachers) but also created some discussion in the days following about disability in general - it was so very positive. Also, unlike a lot of speakers that visit schools, you were able to discuss your achievements without sounding like you were simply there to "pump up your own tyres". You spoke appropriately, informatively, entertainingly, for the right length of time and at the right level for your audience.

All the very best to both you and your family andGod bless.

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