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Media: The Old New Thing

Media: The Old New Thing is a workshop specifically designed to offer athletes and sport administrators practical help in pressure situations.

We don't waste valuable workshop time interviewing each attendee while everyone else waits for their turn. But we DO interview everyone: after training, after a game, on camera, for real.

The workshop is held at least three days later to give us ample time to review and edit the interviews and prepare content. A workshop generally takes between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the number of attendees. Groups of seven to ten are ideal.

During the workshop we encourage as much interaction as possible. We ask questions of the athletes, encourage discussion and present scenarios. We try to help them understand why preparing for a media interview is so important and use parts of their actual interviews to illustrate relevant points.

We find this format works well and is easily tailored for less or more experienced groups of athletes and administrators.

One More Mountain has been delivering media workshops for athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport since 2010 with great feedback from athletes, coaches and AIS staff.

If you think your staff or athletes could benefit from some media training, contact us now.