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cancer update

Michael Milton was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer on Friday 6 July 2007. It was a huge shock to Michael and his family and the initial prognosis was not good. With a 35% survival rate, Oesophagael Cancer in one of the world's deadliest.

Michael received chemotherapy and radiotherapy in July/August and had radical surgery in September 2007. The results were extremely positive and, although he wont be officially cancer-free until the five year mark, Michael is now in remission.

In July 2012 Michael celebrated five years since his diagnosis and also thirty years since his first cancer diagnosis as a nine year old. Friends and family came to Canberra for a big party.

His recovery continues. He is often unwell and fatigue is still a problem but he is generally in reasonable health. He continues to challenge himself physically in the hope that continuing fitness will keep the cancer at bay.

Photo: Michael leaves the hospital in Canberra after his last radiation session in August 2007.

Last cancer update... hopefully forever

TUESDAY 27 MAY 2008: This will be the last update on this cancer page. From now on information about my ongoing reco...

Bad times, good times

(From wife Penni)
TUESDAY 11 MARCH 2008: I am writing this update because Michael is training this morning....

Milton's recovery on track

(From wife Penni)
NOVEMBER 2007: Eight weeks since Michael's surgery for Oesophageal Cancer and his recover...

Thumbs up as Milton checks out

WEDNESDAY 10 OCTOBER 2007: After a major operation and ten days in hospital, Paralympic champion and Australia's fastest...

Milton celebrates one week since surgery

SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER 2007: Just one week since surgery to remove his opesophagus and the tumour within, Michael is rec...

Michael recovers well from surgery

THURSDAY 4 OCTOBER 2007: Michael is in good spirits and recovering well from surgery to remove his oesophagus. ...

Surgery date changed again

Michael's surgery for Oesophageal Cancer has been postponed until Saturday 29 September.
Michael, his wife ...

Surgery changed

Michael's surgery has been delayed until Thursday 27 September.

Surgery scheduled

Michael's surgery for Oesophageal Cancer is scheduled for Saturday 22 September in Sydney.
He will spend up...

Feeling better every day

Just over two weeks since the end of Michael's radiation treatment finished and, as expected, he is beginning to fee...

Radiation treatment over

FRIDAY 10 AUGUST 2007: Michael today completed the scheduled pre-operative course of radiation treatment at Canberra...

An update from Michael

FRIDAY 3 AUGUST 2007: First of all I need to apologise for not replying to all the emails and phone calls and letter...

Almost halfway

TUESDAY 31 JULY 2007: Michael finished the chemotherapy on the weekend and is now almost halfway through the radioth...


THURSDAY 12 JULY 2007: Michael Milton today announced he has been diagnosed with a squamous cell tumour in his oesop...