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SATURDAY 30 JUNE 2007: Michael joined seven other ACT celebrities on the dance floor in a local version of 'Dancing with the Stars' to help raise $13,000 for the Snowy Hydro Southcare Helicopter Fund.

The winner was chosen with input from the judging panel and from the 250+ audience who donated money to the Fund in the name of their favourite dancer. Although Senator Annette Ellis took the title, all agreed Michael was a close second.

Long-time friend Meredith Evans from Sydney was amazed by his foxtrot and salsa routines.

'Who knew he had grace and rhythm? People were gasping in surprise with each new move and when he walked on his crutches, they cheered. It was pretty cool.'

Michael admitted to being a bit nervous beforehand but was pleased with his own performance.

'I saw some footage of a guy on one leg dancing so I knew it was possible. Still, he looked like he had rhythm in his blood and I'm still not sure I have any at all.'

Michael had never danced before but his partner and choreographer, Fiona McFarlane, said he was very keen to learn.

'Michael came up with all sorts of ideas. He was great. I would show him a step and he would just modify it and do it. It was really that simple,' said Fiona.

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