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Michael makes Paralympic history at 2002 Salt Lake games

Michael was the first Australian to win a gold medal in a Winter Games - Paralympic or Olympic - in 1992 in Albertville. He was just 19. Since then, Michael has won 12 World Championship medals (including six gold) and ten medals at Paralympic Games (six gold).

At the 2002 Paralympic Games in Salt Lake City, Michael achieved his goal set ten years earlier at the Paralympic games in Albertville, France. With that, he became the first person in his amputee class to win all four alpine skiing events.

'I just skied faster than anybody else - thank God. There's no trick to it. I set the goal to win all four more than two years ago and everything I've done in that time has been geared towards this moment.' Michael, after winning the slalom - his fourth gold medal at the 2002 Paralympic Games in Salt Lake City.

'How smooth it is. Watch out for this guy. The only thing you'll see is a vapour trail.' The announcer at the Snowbasin course as Michael came down the mountain in the slalom.

'He's just Mr Consistent. Everything he does is so solid.' Monte Meier (USA) who won the silver medal in the slalom.

'With Michael there's no cutting corners and no soft options. That's what has paid off here today.' Michael's coach, Steve Graham, after his four medal haul.