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Michael Milton: What Next?


FOUR MONTHS after a collision with a truck saw him hospitalised for a week with fractures in his spine, ribs and shoulder blade, Michael Milton finally competed in his first triathlon.

Eary in March Milton entered the ACT series event at the Australian Institute of Sport, finishing in a "semi-respectable" time of 1:13.34 for the 2km run, 15km ride, 400m swim and 2km run.

"The running legs at the beginning and end made it a tough race for me. Running is physically demanding as I do it on one leg with a pair of crutches.

"Despite the running, I was fairly pleased with my results. I enjoyed the race and am looking forward to doing some more triathlons," said Milton.

He was quick to point out that he has no plans to compete at the first Paralympic level triathlon in Rio in 2016.

"I really enjoy the sport and it helps motivate me to stay fit and healthy".

Milton has a few more triathlons on his schedule this autumn and is looking forward to making more improvements.

Caption: Michael Milton tackles one of the running legs during his first ever triathlon.

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