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Walking greats star in stunning new documentary: The Art of Walking.

Victoria's magnificent 104km Great Ocean Walk forms the stunning backdrop for a new one hour documentary to be released in early April 2010, featuring three of the world's most inspiring walkers.

The Art of Walking documentary follows world-famous American environmentalist John Francis, former Olympic ice skater Katarina Witt and the amazing Australian Paralympian Michael Milton, as they experience the startling beauty of one of Australia's greatest walks.

With sweeping aerial shots of the Great Ocean Walk's breathtaking coastline and footage of the lush flora and fauna of the trail, audiences will be whisked away to experience both the journeys of these incredible individuals and all the natural glory that this part of Victoria has to offer. Through this moving adventure documentary along the Great Ocean Walk, John, Michael and Katarina truly discover The Art of Walking.

Beginning with John Francis, also known as The Planetwalker, the film follows this inspiring man as he travels with banjo in hand from picturesque Apollo Bay, through marine microhabitats to the untouched beauty of Otway National Park. He discovers abundant local wildlife, rainforests, waterfalls and ever-green fern gullies, and shares his reflections with viewers. His fascinating life story, soulful personality and musings on the importance of nature and our place as humans within it make for a wonderful opening.

Katarina Witt then experiences one of the more isolated strips of coastline along the walk, reflecting on endless ocean vistas and negotiating the wild plains of the Great Ocean's cape. Witness the transformation of this highly-focused sportswoman throughout her walk, as she becomes inspired by her surroundings and the wildlife she encounters, eschewing any guilt she felt for taking time out of her busy schedule to undertake this adventure.

Finally, the charming, all-Aussie Michael Milton guides viewers through the breathtaking ocean views of Gables Lookout, tackles steep sand dunes and visits the ship-wrecked beaches leading to the magnificent 12 Apostles - achieving the journey on just one leg. This makes an inspirational end to an epic and emotional journey.

Director Zach Merck captures each individual as they embark on a physical journey that takes them through the beauty, diverse ecosystems and fascinating history of this outstanding coastal area.

Witnessing sunsets from atop sheer cliff-faces, climbing amongst tough salty scrub, meandering past gentle lagoons, feeling the cool change of the rainforest, the smell of salt in the air, the sound of birds and animals along the track, each of the walkers becomes intoxicated by the beauty of the glorious Great Ocean Walk.

The Art of Walking documentary will be given away as a DVD with the Sydney Morning Herald on April 10. Make sure you get your copy.

Click here to view the trailer.

Photo: Michael and Park Ranger Will take a stroll along the beach during filming.

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