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Getting some life balance


Did you have to modify your crutches at all?

I made some new crutch tips using ski pole tips. The idea is that when the crutch sticks into the mud, the rubber tip or the basket above it will stop it sinking any deeper. These work really well for me and lasted the trip. Once I have good grip with the crutches then all the technical parts of the walk become easy. With these tips I get better grip with my crutches than with my foot.

How much of the track did you have to do on your bum?


How do you make sure your hands stay healthy when you're on crutches in the humidity for five days plus?

My hands need to be carefully managed as does my foot like everyone else. It only takes a blister or two to make a tough trip into a really painful one. I take six pairs of dry gloves with me but I usually walk without gloves when it is raining as the water provides enough lubrication for my hands to slide on the crutch handles.

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